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Bringing individuals and businesses the tools to better communicate, interact and transact in realtime.

Mission: Underserved to better served, worldwide.

PayCurrent’s full suite of services provides the base for delivering unique turnkey solutions to an international audience. Let us help retain, empower and increase your member portfolio with unique payment applications, cardholder retention tools and customer interaction services.

About Us

PayCurrent offers a full suite of services that help retain, empower and increase your member portfolio. Whether you are looking for unique payment applications, cardholder retention tools or simple notification services our modular system allow you to pick and choose a variety of turnkey applications that generate significant, new recurring revenue while enhancing your customer’s experience.

In addition, customized PayCurrent solutions can be implemented into nearly any business and provides non-traditional financial organizations the ability to offer unique financial services.

Payment Services. Realtime electronic payment, remittance and notification services delivered through a variety of platforms including: mobile, web, kiosk, IVR, POS, set-top box and more.

Creative Services. Enabling our clients to deliver the most compelling end user experiences with proven value added services.

Technical Services. Reducing the complexities of developing and maintaining new innovative applications and services by delivering turnkey solutions.

Distribution Services. Assisting our clients in expanding their customer or cardholder base through traditional and non-traditional channels.