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Through innovation we are turning the world's 2 billion underserved individuals into the better served.

New York based PayCurrent is a realtime payment enabler that links financial institutions, wireless carriers, payment processors and bill payment providers through a unified, secure and scalable technology platform. Our goal is to extend the payment capabilities of our partners and cater to the needs of end users with innovative global solutions.

About Us

By partnering with PayCurrent, financial institutions and payment processors gain a competitive service differentiator that improves customer retention, generates revenue, provides insight to customer's spending habits and answers the demands of prepaid and credit card issuers for more products and services that address the specific needs of their consumers.

PayCurrent was founded in 2006 by a group of financial industry pioneers with experience building international processing platforms, issuing leading prepaid and credit card programs, and organizing worldwide funds transfer operations. The group's experience has come together to address the global opportunities that will benefit individuals and businesses within the payment processing arena.

All PayCurrent solutions are designed with a configurable interface that allows for a continuous user experience through any contact point. By integrating through a single secure channel PayCurrent services can be delivered in a matter of months. No new applications to write or communication links to install. All services are centered on assisting the customer in realtime and can be deployed on a variety of platforms including mobile phone, web, kiosk, IVR, POS and on in-home set-top boxes.